Q: When will North Texas Giving Tuesday Now occur?
Donors can make gifts between Tuesday, April 14 and Tuesday, May 5. These gifts will run in real time and you will see these gifts reflected in your donor account.


Q: Can I give to more than one organization?
Yes! Click the “Give” button on your favorite nonprofit’s page. After entering your donation information on the page that appears click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page. When your cart appears press the Add More Donations button to add more nonprofits. The cart holds your selections while you explore more nonprofits. Once you have finished selecting your nonprofits, click on your cart, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then press the Checkout button to continue the donation process.

PLEASE NOTE: Donations placed in your cart are only stored if you are logged into your donor account. If you are not logged into your donor account before you close the tab of your browser, the donations in your cart will be removed. Also, if there has been no activity on the site for two hours and you are not logged into your donor account, then your cart will be cleared.


Q: Will I receive a receipt for my donation? How do I get a copy?
You will automatically receive a printable on-screen acknowledgment and an email receipt for your 100% tax-deductible donation once your donation is processed. Sometimes receipts get caught up in spam filters so if your receipt does not arrive within a few minutes, check your spam/junk mail folder.

If you have a donor account you can log in here, click the tab labeled My Donations and you will see all the donations you made. On the right-hand side next to the amount there is a button labeled Send Receipt which allows you to send your receipts to your email at any time.

If you did not create a donor account when making your donation(s) contact our team here. Please be sure to provide us with the email address you used upon making your donations so that we can get your receipt to you.


Q: May I specify how a nonprofit uses my gift?

You can include a note on your donation on how you'd like the nonprofit to utilize your gift. Communities Foundation of Texas does not enforce any notes that specify where the donation can be used.


Q: How do I fix a mistake on a donation? How do I make a donation adjustment?
Please contact our team immediately to fix any errors or mistakes made on your donation. You can also call us at 214-346-5500.  No refunds, adjustments or cancellations can be made after end of day, Tuesday, May 19th.


Q: Can I make an anonymous donation? What are the different anonymity options?
To make an anonymous gift, select which type of anonymity you would like your donation to have. See below the different options donors have for being anonymous.

  • Not Anonymous – Your gift will not be anonymous, and the nonprofit(s) will receive your name, address, and email address associated with the gift. Communities Foundation of Texas receives your information.
  • Publicly Anonymous – The nonprofit(s) and Communities Foundation of Texas receives your information.
  • Completely Anonymous – Your gift will be completely anonymous to the nonprofit(s) you select this option for. Please Note: By selecting completely anonymous the nonprofit(s) will not receive any contact information for you including name, address, and email address. Communities Foundation of Texas receives your contact information.


Q: Can I include a note or memorial dedication as part of my donation?
Yes! You can absolutely add a tribute, memorial, special note or designation to your donation. On the bottom of the donation form, above the Add to Cart button, there is a Notes field for the tribute, memorial, or dedication. Enter the name of the person(s) in whose honor you are making your gift here.

If you’ve already made your gift without adding the tribute, memorial, note or designation, contact the nonprofit(s) directly to let them know.


Q: What fees are there on my gift? Who pays them?
CFT will be covering a portion of the fees to bring down the platform/processing fee on gifts to 2.91% for this campaign.

You can cover the fee for your favorite cause! During the donation process, you will be asked if you would like to cover this fee for your chosen nonprofit(s). If you select yes, 2.91% will be added to your total. Your entire contribution is tax-deductible, including the processing fee! If you do not choose to cover the fee, it will be passed through to your selected nonprofit(s) by deducting it from your donation.


Q: How were the organizations selected to appear in the COVID Front Line search?

The COVID Front Line search lists all nonprofits that that have applied for funding from the North Texas Cares funder collaborative and participated in North Texas Giving Day 2019.