North Texas Giving Tuesday Now Checks:

Q: When will my organization receive our North Texas Giving Tuesday Now check?
Your organization’s North Texas Giving Tuesday Now check will be sent to the email address you provided during the 2019 North Texas Giving Day registration process on Friday, May 29.


North Texas Giving Day 2020:

Q: How do I get more information about North Texas Giving Day 2020?
If your organization is interested in participating in North Texas Giving Day 2020, please email our customer support team at and they would be happy to provide more information.


Q: When will North Texas Giving Day nonprofit kickoffs take place?
North Texas Giving Day nonprofit kickoffs and all trainings will take place online this year. Dates will be announced soon, so stay tuned!


North Texas Giving Tuesday Now:

Q: When did North Texas Giving Tuesday Now occur?
Donors were able to make gifts between Tuesday, April 14 and Tuesday, May 5.


Q: Who was eligible to participate?
Organizations that were approved and participated in North Texas Giving Day 2019 who currently have a live profile on the North Texas Giving Day site, and are still in good standing with the IRS.


Q: What can my nonprofit do if we cannot participate in NTGTN?

For nonprofit organizations not eligible for North Texas Giving Tuesday Now, we encourage you to check out the following:

  1. The North Texas Cares website for grant funding opportunities.
  2. There are also opportunities to participate in the global Giving Tuesday event separate from this combined campaign. To learn more visit the Giving Tuesday website.
  3. Registration for the 2020 North Texas Giving Day in September will open in the June/July timeframe. To be added to the email list for important announcements, please click here. Participating in North Texas Giving Day allows your organization to be eligible for year-round campaigns through the website as they arise


Q: Was there a registration fee?
NO registration fee was required to participate in this specific campaign.


Q: What were the fees on gifts?
CFT covered a portion of the fees to bring down the platform/processing fee on gifts to 2.91% for this campaign.


Q: Was there bonus and prize funding?
There was not any bonus funds or prizes available for this campaig


Q: How do I access my profile page when the person who set it up no longer at my organization?
If the point of contact who set up your organization’s page for North Texas Giving Day 2019 is no longer at your organization, please contact our team at and we will be happy to help you gain access.


Q: How were the organizations selected to appear in the COVID Front Line search?

The COVID Front Line search lists all nonprofits that that have applied for funding from the North Texas Cares funder collaborative and participated in North Texas Giving Day 2019.