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5528 Victor
Dallas, TX 75214
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Your donations to Clean Elections Texas Education Fund will help provide education on campaign finance, our voting system, redistricting, and the transparency or lack thereof in each of these systems to voters, the media, legislators, other civic organizations, and students through printed matter, the Internet, town halls, house parties, a speaker's bureau, DVD's, YouTube videos, training sessions, and more.

We are growing at a fast pace and taking advantage of the clamor against the huge influx of money into our campaigns. Before people can decide on a solution, they need to understand the problem. We are helping people understand the many and varied ways that money flows into political campaigns, the current campaign finance laws, the history of campaign finance decisions from the Supreme Court, and the impact of this money on campaigns and legislation. We help people explore possible solutions and introduce them to the option of public funding and how it works in various states and cities. We have also incorporated issues in our election system as vital as the influence of money, which include the security of our voting systems, fair and accurate elections, and the effects and solutions surrounding redistricting, which impacts access to voting.

Clean Elections Texas Education Fund has been providing a valuable service in our community over this past year. Through on-going education activities, CETEF promotes voter registration and voting systems that are a certified as secure and accurate and protects each vote using the best expertise Texas has to offer. Activities include:
• Educate local officials regarding the need for improved cybersecurity in local elections and to have a paper ballot back-up of every vote cast.
• Call on Dallas and Collin County Legislative Representatives to promote the update of elections law and regulations to reflect best election security practices
• Meet with Dallas and Collin County Election Administrators regarding upgrading voter systems to include hardware, software, training, and security
• Educate Dallas and Collin County Commissioners on cybersecurity and recommendations provided by experts in cybersecurity that we can take to ensure election security locally
• Talk with local legislators about getting money for the new voter machines and software
• Encourage cybersecurity training for all elections officials on an ongoing basis
• Promote a voter system in which the voter will be able to visually verify the accuracy of their vote tabulation before the paper ballot is scanned into the counting system
• Advocate for audits to be conducted on the vote counter during voting days and before tabulated votes are taken to the central office, as well as post-election audits
• Work with Dallas County in trying out Vote Centers to eliminate confusion among voters and provide a more cost effective system
• Participate in Voter Registration Campaign through flyers, tweets, on-line advocacy, and meeting announcements
• Hold 'Your Vote Counts' campaigns to encourage vigorous citizen participation in elections