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4105 Junius Street
Dallas, TX 75246
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We offer a holistic life changing program fostering emotional wellness and teaching practical life skills. Our Pathway to Independence program provides five pathways to ready our teen mothers for a life of independence and meaning: counseling, education, parenting, financial literacy, and job readiness. We empower pregnant and parenting teens to realize their potential and break free from an often ensnaring cycle of poverty.
In 2017, Alley's House served 177 teen mothers and their children. We reached 125 teen moms through Pathway (57) and Community Outreach (68) programs. Three teen moms graduation from our comprehensive program and several are poised to take on or more GED exam sections in 2018. We provided 121 counseling hours and 75 group hours with 250 workshops provided by Alley's House staff and partners. Our 2018 goal is to increase the number of moms served by 20%, to 150 young women served through the Pathway and Community Outreach programs.