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Richardson, TX 75085
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There are more than 200,000 refugees in the Greater Dallas area, with more coming every day. Most have neither sufficient education nor English skills to hold even entry-level jobs. There is very limited support for refugee upon arrival to the US, so they are at high risk for being engulfed by poverty. For the Nations Refugee Outreach exists to help bridge the gap between refugee arrival and limited government support to the time when families are actually self-sufficient, and have hopeful prospects for their future. For the Nations started in 2006, and since becoming officially incorporated in 2011, has grown to be one of the largest refugee programs in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

We serve about 2,000 refugees annually from more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East who are all resettled legally and permanently in the Dallas area. In education, we provide seven levels of English instruction, literacy, citizenship, GED classes and scholastic tutoring to a vast number of clients and their children throughout the year. We aid individuals and families by offering assistance and advocacy as well as teaching theology lessons throughout all facets of our programs.

Our students and families are 31% Middle Eastern; 33 % Asian; 35% African; 1% Hispanic. 99% of our students are classified as poor, or those living below the poverty line in America. 40% of our students are under the age of 18.

Current Services:
• English & Literacy classes - serves 400 refugees per week who are non-native English speakers. Seven levels of English offered; from learning the ABC's to earning a GED. This allows refugees to become qualified for entry-level jobs, and some to practice the skilled professions they held in their home country.

• Citizenship - serves 100 permanent legal residents annually, providing classes that teach civics and US history in order to prepare refugee students to pass the citizenship exam and become American citizens.

• Family Services - serves up to 1,500 adults annually providing basic hygiene items and clothing, as well as welcoming new refugee families to the United States with furnished apartments, airport pick ups, and additional casework services upon arrival. Acculturation also includes helping refugees apply for emergency financial relief, locate food shelters, apply for and find employment, provide play therapy for children to deal with trauma they have experienced, engage in trauma healing for adults and children, access medical care, obtain a drivers license, file taxes, understand American school systems, and deal with any other challenges.

• Youth Tutoring - serves 300 elementary and middle school children per week providing after school scholastic aid in science, math, reading and English, daily snacks and game time, as well as a safe after school environment while many refugee parents are still at work.

• Preschool - serves 55 three and four year olds 4 times per week while parents are in ESL classes. The class sizes are small with student to teacher ratios at 1:7. Preschool prepares refugee children to enter the public school system by teaching pre reading and math skills, as well as basic knowledge of the English language. We also offer speech diagnosis and work with the school districts to ensure students who need assistance with speech receive the services available.

• Summer reading program - serves 450 refugee children daily for 8 weeks during the summer with reading, math, English and science, field trip experiences, and swim lessons in order to maintain and increase scholastic performance for the upcoming school year.

• Special Events - including summer camps, holiday events, and monthly Saturday events: serves 1,500 refugees annually.

Recent Annual Accomplishments

Child and Youth

• 90% of children participating in summer and after school programs who begin reading far below grade level catch up after just two years,

• 90% of children participating in swim lessons learn to swim,

• 550 children annually, who participate in FTN summer school, increase their language skills by an average of 2 language levels,
• 550 children annually, who participate in FTN summer school, increase their reading by an average of .7 grade levels in 8 weeks,
• 95% of participating children and youth develop relationships with positive adult role models.
• 97% of preschool children pass the end of year assessment, which is based on the PreK TEKS.

• 48% advance to the next level of English and literacy, 

• 30% begin sustainable employment,
• 17% begin college attendance,
• 5% repeat the same English class,
• 110 adults have passed the US Citizenship test, a 97% pass rate,
• 90% of adults who are in unstable situations, bordering homelessness, hunger, and lack of basic supplies (clothing, etc.) receive aid and continue in more stable situations.
• ~100 people annually receive basic medical care (ex: a shot of antibiotics, an abscess drained, immunizations) and basic housing assistance, preventing impending major medical problems and homelessness.
My name is Amal. I am from Syria. I have been in Dallas for two years and half. When I arrived to United States, I didn't speak English because my second language was French. I went to English class to learn reading and writing now. I am in level five. I am very happy because my English is improving. I feel better when I communicate with people and friends because I have a good teachers they help me when I needed. I appreciate so much a complimentary tuition fees and transportation service.

My name is Zahrah. In my opinion, it's a very good church. All the teacher are wonderful and helpful. I have been learned more from them. I couldn't speak English in the beginning, but they support and encourage me to speak. Now, I am in level 5 and I can speak English well. I'm grateful to the staff of For the Nations Refugee Outreach.

My name is Malou Chol-Tong. I came from Sudan. I did not speak English or know how to read but when I studied in this school it help me to read well. And I tell you the Truth in my heart it helped. Today I can fill out an application for a job or Medicaid. I learned the computer typing on the computer and I learned about God. I am believer person. I learn about the Bible every day and my children are getting help too with their home work. Thank you.

Can you imagine when people talk by a different language and you can't understand them!! Really that's embarrassing when your husband and kids talk English, reading stories, watching a movie in a theater, enjoying with modern songs and you are like a deaf between them. That was what I used to feel before attending the Church. In beginning, I thought Church only care about teaching religion then I found there a friendly staff working hard to teach us an English language and give us a clear picture how Jesus Christ had suffered to make this world more safe and peaceful. Currently, I feel my language became better and my family is so proud that I talk and involve with them in long conversations. Really, I am so happy. In other hand, this great church and friendly staff are saving a lot for me, I am still fresh in this country and I have no job yet so it's not easy for me to attend a college and spend money there. From my deep I am thanking my teachers and I keep them in my prayers.