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12800 Hillcrest Rd. Suite A101 8500 North Stemmons Highway
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone Number:
214-426-0900 ext. 109
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Through building healthy families, Anthem Strong Families addresses myriad social ills such as fatherlessness, generational poverty, joblessness, incarceration and health outcomes for under resourced communities. The organization is connecting action with resources to change lives, provide pathways to employment, decrease the numbers of single-parent households, increase the involvement of dads in the lives of their children and provide data-driven outcomes to improve statistics in Dallas County. Every social ill in our society has a direct link to broken families. At Anthem Strong Families we know, and data supports that strong families create strong communities. We use an award-winning 90-day curriculum followed by a year of robust case-management, mentoring and family support to assist men and women to move from a survival mentality and poverty mindset to one of achievement and success.
"When I was in class at the very end, we would always recite the TYRO Pledge. I never really knew my part that states, "I am a man worth following, I AM A TYRO" meant I had to actually live that new life I had been taught. Battling for years with my addiction, I was prepared for a great attempt but a major fail. I am proud to say, 'I AM A TYRO' and mean it. It has made me a better man and a better father. My little girl now knows when I tell her that I am going to do something that she can depend on me without fail." --- Algeno

"My daughter Emily was the driving force of why I became a TYRO. I was in a nasty court battle with her mother over visitation privileges. I had to learn how to handle my anger and emotions better with this situation. After becoming a TYRO, I was not only given visitation, but I was awarded full-custody. My being a full-time, single father of a 7-year-old has made my life so wonderful.-- Michael

Jon Correra spent more than 7-years in federal prison. He says when he was first released his kids were performing poorly in school and now they are soaring. "Being a TYRO is like being a part of an extended family. I know they care. And, through rigorous case management and mentoring Anthem Strong Families has been with me through the tough times of trying to find my rhythm after being incarcerated. I know my identity is not tied to my brokenness." ---Jon Correra