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PLANO, TX 75023
Phone Number:
972-571-3202 ext. 1000
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--------------- SHORT VERSION ---------------

Homeless --- Low Income --- Disabled --- Single Parents --- Veterans --- Fresh Starts

Our team of volunteers Engage our guests where they are, Assess their needs, and Connect them to:

1) JOB OPPORTUNITIES - We Assist / Train them in navigating the digital world in search of, and preparing for, job opportunities (email setup, online resume, job application, transportation planning, etc).
2) SERVICES - To overcome life's obstacles to success. Our Partners provide these - from basics like food / shelter, to family services, transportation and job training.

STRATEGIC PARTNERS - We work with a variety of Strategic Partners who provide excellent services and/or locations where our guests congregate.

EMPLOYERS = We also Collaborate with Employers and Employment Services that offer job opportunities, often working with them on Job Fairs.

STATE FAIR OF TEXAS - This year, we have the honor by being a 2018 State Fair of Texas' partner (in collaboration with our local partners) for assisting those in South Dallas to connect for the 6000 jobs available.

All People have Access to Global Information, Communication and Opportunity.

We are building a model that leverages technology (something many of us take for granted) and existing services.
We would like to replicate it across many locations in DFW, and ultimately across our country.

Your donations will help us continue and expand our services to our guests, with empowering technology and trained volunteers.

With enough generosity we would be able to open new strategic locations in our underserved communities.

------------------ DETAILS ------------------

Those who are Underserved and Disadvantaged in our community:

>>>>> Homeless --- Low Income --- Disabled --- Single Parents --- Veterans --- Fresh Starts <<<<

We enable our guests to connect to empowering job opportunities that are difficult to find for those who lack Digital Skills.

We help with things like getting a professional email address, developing resumes, searching online for jobs and job readiness programs, planning their transportation for interviews and employment, applying for social services, basic hands-on digital training in online technology, and assist with other related life skills - all things the rest of us take for granted.

*** We also continue to look for innovative ways to leverage technology to better serve our guests. ***

Our guests have other life obstacles that they need assistance with to succeed in their pursuit of opportunities and to be, ultimately, self-sustaining.

We partner with other nonprofits and community service organizations that already provide excellent services for one or more of the needs of our guests. This covers many areas:

>>>>> Healthcare --- Shelter --- Clothes --- Training / Education --- Family Services <<<<<

We also partner with employers and employment services, such as StaffMark, to secure opportunities that our guests could apply for.

We Strategically Partner with organizations in Dallas and Collin Counties that already have strong programs that bring the underserved together - for example, Cornerstone Kitchen, and Martin Luther King Junior Library.

We also partner with local Job Fairs (e.g. with Transformance USA) and have recently had the honor to be the State Fair of Texas' 2018 partner aiding digitally challenged job seekers in South Dallas - that is 6000 jobs!

We have a process to Engage, Assess, and Connect.

ENGAGE - We engage with those who are underserved that have the courage to accept opportunities and take responsibility for creating new levels of dignity in their lives
ASSESS - We provide an assessment of their needs. provide digital education, assistance, access to email, as well as basic hands-on-training in on-line technology.
CONNECT - We connect them to resources to the resources they need

All People have Access to Global Information, Communication and Opportunity.

It's all about the experience. And, the dignity is in how they experience themselves.

CARD: We provide a space where people who are under-served have the COURAGE to ACCEPT opportunities and take RESPONSIBILITY for creating new levels of DIGNITY in their lives.

We do that by connecting them with digital resources; offer support in from digitally savvy staff and volunteers, and connect them with job opportunities, and other resources that empower them to live Self-Sustaining lives with Dignity.

The people we serve have the Courage to ask for help because staff and volunteers of the CARDBoard Project are compassionate, empathetic and non-judging.

We are:
- Caring, resourceful people who meet people at their own level.
- Fully present with anyone.
- Adaptive to many temperaments and are quick on our feet.
- Operating from a mindset of equality and support.
- Committed to helping others help themselves.

AREAS THAT WE ADDRESS (with our Partners):

Support and Assistance for Food / Clothing / Shelter / Housing, Single Mothers/ Women / Family / Child Care / Children Needs, Transportation / Transit, Drug / Medicine / Medical Programs, Legal Issues, Educational / Training Issues, Accessible / Accessibility Issues.

Encouragement Towards - Outreach / Building Communities, Community Awareness, Digital / Digital Media Tools and Awareness, Leadership / Ownership / Responsibility / Stewardship, Empowering Experiences / Impact / Engagement / Enrichment / Potential / Opportunity

Targeting - Poverty / Poor / Underserved / Economically Challenged / Under-represented / Economic Inclusion / Street Homeless, Second Chance / Re-Entry / Re-Integration, Digital Desert / Digital Divide
---------------- SHORT QUOTE ----------------

"In 14 weeks, we were able to turn our lives around. Thank you for everyone involved" - Micha and Mercedes

--------------------- DETAILS ---------------------


Armando Cantu, from The C.A.R.D. Board Project (TCBP) first met with Micha and Mercedes in October through the availability of the non-profit's Mobile Digital Connection (MDC) at the Cornerstone Church Kitchen in South Dallas. The couple, at that time, were homeless and had no water, ability to store or cook food, no furnishings, no medical care, no mode of transportation, no employment, minimum job history, and very limited opportunity to escape their dilemma. After meeting in the Kitchen, Mr. Cantu enlisted the counsel of Linda Gray with SCORE and assembled a team of resources collaborating to help Micha and Mercedes reach a better life.

Working with Transformance USA, Mr. Cantu and TCBP were able to get the couple enrolled in a warehouse logistics training program. Through donations assembled by Mr. Cantu and assistance from Helping Hands and the Salvation Army, as well as many other associated resources, improved clothing was provided, bus passes to get to class, and medical attention from Parkland Hospital (Micha suffers from diabetes). During a health fair at the Cornerstone Kitchen it was also determined that Micah suffers from high blood pressure, which had to be addressed. Healing Hands was able to provide tremendous assistance in providing medical care and medication.

Provided with support from TCBP donations and volunteers, City Square, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Helping Hands, SCORE, Parkland Hospital, The Salvation Army, Healing Hands, and many others, Micha and Mercedes graduated from the Transformance USA Warehouse Logistics Training Program and received accreditation from Mountain View Community College. From the greatly improved employment situation, Micha and Mercedes were able to acquire and move into their first apartment. Several of the contributing charitable entities also cooperated to help set up the household for the couple with basic necessities. As a result, they were able to sleep in their own bed, shower in their own bathroom, cook in their own kitchen, and live in their own residence.

Within fourteen weeks of exposure to The C.A.R.D. Board Project at the Cornerstone Kitchen, and with the assistance, counseling, donations, and direction of many conscientious volunteers, various contributors, and a multitude of assisting entities, the couple had turned their living situation around completely. Staying focused, working hard and consistent, they had participated in advanced job training, secured employment, received critical medical care, and were able to move into their own apartment and set up a household. Through all the distractions, disappointments, challenges and difficulties, Micha and Mercedes had diligently worked to create a much more positive future for themselves….and succeeded. Changing their lives completely in just a few weeks.