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901 Mossvine Drive
Plano, TX 75023
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We are 100% volunteer organization and David Hearn is founder, who was Greg Dollgener's Partner, who died of AIDS in 1994. GDMAF was established in 1996 in his memory. We are a 501 C 3 organization and has 2 major focused events we work on - MetroBall ( GDMAF's largest Fundraiser) normally in June each year and LifeWalk - Prism Health's Lifewalk , which GDMAF is a partner agency and receives about 90% of the money we raise by having our own Team - TEAM METRO. We are a last resort - emergency organization and can react the same day if needed. But the request must come from one of the 10 AIDS Organizations in North Texas that we work with , as we are a one time emergency assistance organization and we want to make sure the clients are hooked up with other larger organizations that can provide more services and long term assistance.