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1600 Bonnie View RD
Dallas, TX 75203
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SWAJA's 89 year legacy includes the distinction of being the eldest Black Christian private schools in the metroplex. It has produced students who have excelled academically and found pride and joy in serving God and their fellow man. Due to our strong emphasis of service, SWAJA boasts graduates who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, real estate moguls, business owners, and many other admirable professionals. The key to their success, and the success of the school throughout its history, is SWAJA's dedication to its mission of harmoniously developing each child spiritually, mentally, and physically.

At SWAJA I was taught art, math, social studies, science, history, reading and music-in about the same way that you would learn these things in other schools. But at SWAJA I also learned about the Bible, I learned music and hymns, I learned about nature, about Black history and respect for others, and even about community service. These lessons were imprinted in my mind at a very young age by teachers who were concerned as much with my character development as they were about my grades and test scores. Nowadays families are spending tens of thousands of dollars per year to have their kids enrolled in prep schools with small classrooms and attentive teachers. I realize now that I was blessed to have had that experience in this small church school, and at a fraction of the cost. I know a number of former classmates at SWAJA who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, and things beyond our wildest imaginations. I've seen God bless so many lives through this school, and I know that He uses it to prepare young minds for future success.

Clifton Jessup III, Former Student

I recall once being asked, "why did you choose to send your daughter to SWAJA?" The response I gave was simple. In my daughter's most formative years I needed an institution that would continue to give life to the Jesus that she had come to know and love at home. A place where academics and spiritual growth could co-exist. My husband and I have found that at SWAJA and more. What's the more? It's the family-like atmosphere. It is the idea of sending your child to a place where talents are cultivated and morals and principles learned at home can continue to be instilled. A place where teachers take the time to understand and address the strengths and weaknesses in their students and work along with parents to meet the needs of every child.

So why SWAJA? SWAJA loves our children and waters the fertile land that God placed in them!

C. Stewart, Parent