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300 W Oak St, Suite 100
Denton, TX 76201
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Our Daily Bread provides daily meals to the hungry, homeless, and those who are experiencing economic hardships both on-site at our community kitchen where we are open six days a week, and off-site to other non-profit organizations in our community. The meal service provided to those we serve contributes to their health, nutrition, and economic well-being. Those who benefit from the meals ODB serves struggle with hunger and are not unique to one demographic. They are diverse in age, ethnicity, gender, background, and life experiences. We serve children, adults, and senior citizens. Some are homeless, some are working but unable to make a living wage, and some are retired living on a small fixed income. The impact of our work is broad, assisting more than 1000 of our neighbors in need annually.
On average ODB serves more than 325 meals per day and is on track to serve more than 93,000 meals in 2018, a significant increase from 2017 where we served an average of 275 meals per day and 86,000 meals in total.
In addition to feeding the hungry, we provide life-saving and life-changing supportive services: hygiene supplies; mail service that allows our clients to receive benefit checks and contact from loved ones; free long-distance phone calls and computers with internet access that help folks find and apply for jobs; vouchers and passes for showers, laundry, and transportation; access to a doctor and nurse; job placement assistance; mobile showers; benefits education and enrollment; counseling support services; prescription assistance; identification assistance which assists in the employment process and with accessing other services and benefits; and connections to housing, clothing, and other health and human service agencies. In 2017, we provided more than 38,000 on-site supportive services.
An Our Daily Bread volunteer shares a wonderful moment she had when an ODB client told her, "You see me."
This is her story in her own words: He was young, homeless, and he was angry. He didn't want to be at Our Daily Bread- it meant he failed. He didn't want to need us. But he did. He came for lunch, but also needed a "snack pack" for the weekend. He wasn't rude, just abrupt. We talked a little, but not much. I told him I believed he could find a job soon and I meant it. He started to leave then turned around. "You see me," he said. "I'm not just a number to you. You see me." " Yes, I see you." He left. I thought about the services we offer because we do see the person and listen to needs. The shower passes to keep clean. The laundry vouchers to wash clothes. The hygiene closet, for so many things, including feminine hygiene for women living on the streets. The meals. We see the people we serve. We care about them and we help when we can. I'm so glad he saw me, and realized that we do see each of the people we serve.

A client shares lessons in homelessness.
In May 2015, a woman who later became an ODB client lost her RV in a spring flood when she was managing an RV park and attending Texas State University. She wanted to share her lessons learned and her success. In addition to losing her home, she found that "homelessness will strip you of your dignity," her first lesson. She soon went to Dallas to find a job, but instead found an "unofficial" shelter that wasn't safe. To make her feel more secure, she wore scrubs so that she could spend hours safely in libraries and hospitals. She chose these clothes because "if you look like you have a job and act like you have a job, people will treat you better", her second lesson. She credits ODB with having "a very organized system that accesses other agencies and resources." She was clear that "if it weren't for ODB, I would never have learned about Salvation Army and the employment assistance offered at Goodwill. My ability to find a job came from the help of ODB." "Circumstances, not my behavior or choices, made me homeless." She has now moved from Denton and has returned to college.

One donor expresses his reasons to support Our Daily Bread.
In today's world, hard work doesn't always mean a warm dry place to live or a healthy meal on the table. But for injury, illness, addiction, or disaster, each of us could be in a far different place. I give because through ODB, I can help provide a warm nutritious meal to someone who needs it--no questions asked.