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7210 Virginia Pkwy. #6116
McKinney, TX 75071
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As we approach our fifth year of professional emergency search and rescue, we are busier than we have ever been. In the past year, our emergency responses have increased by 800% as well as the number of elusive stray dogs and cats needing our specialized capture team. We focus on the sick and injured animals first, in order to urgently get them the medical treatment they need, and at a minimum to end their pain and suffering.

We receive multiple requests per day for an animal in need and there is not a day that goes by that we are not boots on the ground helping animals. In order to sustain this critical service to animals and to the community, we need your support!

In August of 2017, my companion and I were hit in our suburban by a teen speed racer. The car exploded on impact hurling our little Aussie Shepherd Johnny across 6 lanes of busy traffic. He hit the ground and in shock, disappeared into the dense cover of a deep creek. Mutts and Mayhem immediately mobilized a search and rescue operation for him while I was transported to the hospital and my companion took our other dog Kahlua with a broken back to a vet ER. Within 6 hours, over 200 Mutts and Mayhem volunteers joined the search and Johnny was found and reunited with us that night. Thank you Mutts and Mayhem! ~ Client & Donor, Tracy Glover

It is an honor to be a volunteer for Mutts and Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue and it has been one of the most defining efforts of my life. The level of expertise and tools used to locate or secure a missing or injured animal is unimaginable. Every effort is put into mapping out sightings, aerial video and thermal from drones, large custom trap, and a team Veterinarian. I have learned so much from this amazing team and its volunteers have a heart bigger than Texas. It is a blessing to be a part of this family called Mutts and Mayhem and when they need me, I will ALWAYS be there for them and the 4 legged babies when they call. ~ Volunteer & Donor, Kacy Hendricks

I have never known a more professional, transparent and dedicated rescue organization. I have seen first hand the work that they do...they never give up! I became desperate, I learned about and contacted Mutts and Mayhem about an elusive stray dog that I had been feeding for almost 2 years and I explained that animal control couldn't catch her. She wouldn't let anyone get near her and she continued to have litter after litter of puppies. I called her "Mama". Mutts and Mayhem spent many months tracking her every move in order to plan the most flawless capture. They did it when nobody else could! Her life was saved and the lives of hundreds of unwanted/homeless puppies that she would have had if she had stayed living on the streets. After they spent several months rehabilitating Mama to love and trust humans, they brought her back to our town to visit all of the people who feed her and loved her from a distance. It was very special. They go above and beyond. ~ Good Samaritan & Donor, Theta McFarlin-Jones

You never imagine the unimaginable happening to you and your lovable four legged friend. A horrible accident happens while you are traveling or a weather disaster hits your home and your furry companion is loose, lost, alone, and possibly injured. Mutts & Mayhem saw a need to provide a response, search, rescue, and recovery for animals in the North Texas Community and in 2014 two active duty paramedics started their mission. With donations during the North Texas Giving Day, Mutts & Mayhem continues to offer countless hours of searching for animals that suffer trauma from fear of being lost, alone, and shutting down while trying to survive on their own. Your donation will support the values of Mutts & Mayhem while our community will benefit from the continue efforts from the volunteers that teach us first hand life's simple lessons of compassion, survival, and unconditional love. Please give today and know that your funds will extend aid to animals during their most traumatic time in their life. ~ Volunteer & Donor, Ginny Queen

I can"t say enough about the amazing people at Mutts and Mayhem. I have watched this non-profit animal rescue grow from a three person operation, to an extremely intricate search and rescue organization. In 2014, my wife and I adopted our first dog ever, Riley. Riley was a very young homeless German Shepard that was in extremely poor shape. He was broken and hurting and was set to be euthanized by a local shelter. Riley was very sick. He was starving, emaciated, he had pneumonia, kennel cough, demadex mange, a severe skin infection and he was infested with intestinal parasites. M&M took on the enormous task of nursing this amazing animal back to health and they spared no expense. Through monetary donations from people like you, Riley was able to be rehabilitated to the amazing dog he is today. There is no doubt in my mind that Riley would not be here without the help from his guardian angels at Mutts and Mayhem. Thanks Mutts and Mayhem!!!!!!! ~ Adopters & Donors, Robert & Rafath Creamier
$2,850.00 provided by Glen & Selena Schmidt, Aileene Stark, Chris Dolbee, Tom & Claudia Kraemer, Sarah Davis
Your donations, up to $2850.00 made on North Texas Giving Day, will be matched dollar for dollar by our generous Matching Fund Donors.