Current Agency Needs
Your support of TRM on North Texas Giving Day will directly support our Believe & Achieve Scholarship Fund and Program, which guarantees a $4,000 scholarship to all TRM students who complete program requirements and graduate high school.

TRM's Believe & Achieve Scholarship Fund exists to empower and enable our graduating students, 98% of whom are Hispanic and low-income, to pursue post-secondary education. Our students are often the first in their family to graduate and go to college, creating a ripple effect of impact that's passed down to siblings, cousins, and children of alumni who return year after year to follow in their family's footsteps. With your support, we can keep that cycle going.

In West Dallas, only 0.4% of the Class of 2016 graduated college-ready. And, despite college-age Hispanics being Texas' fastest growing population, they have the lowest post-secondary completion rate in the region, with only 10% poised to receive a college degree. High tuition costs and the need to support their parents and family are the two major reasons Hispanics cite for not going to college.

TRM students are burdened with limited examples of success in their schools and community, low academic scores, and a lack of a college-going culture that threaten to limit their potential to succeed in life. Your support of the Believe & Achieve Scholarship Fund and Program will provide the tangible resources our students need to pursue and succeed in post-secondary education.

Please consider supporting TRM on North Texas Giving Day by investing in our kids' futures!

Beyond financial needs, volunteers of any background are in need to work with our students as a Tutor, Mentor, or Homework Helper. The relationships formed between our dedicated volunteers and students provide the encouragement our kids need to graduate high school and pursue post-secondary education. The need is great -- currently, over 400 of our students are waiting for a tutor or mentor.

If you're interested in volunteering at TRM, please contact Jazmine Lewis at