Current Agency Needs
This year, Bruce Wood Dance hopes to receive $20,000.00 in donations on North Texas Giving Day.

Bruce Wood Dance strives to bring exceptional dance to Dallas Fort Worth through first-class dance performances, community events, dance workshops, master classes, and restorative dance outreach classes. Your generous contribution will assist us in providing some of these many benefits of dance to our community.

Here are a few of the ways your donation can help:

$20 will pay one of our dancers for one hour of rehearsal time ~

$100 will cover one day of rehearsal time for one dancer ~

$150 pays one of our specially trained dancers to teach one week of dance outreach classes (we provide dance outreach classes, free of charge, to organizations giving shelter and care to men, women, and children facing difficult life situations) ~

$200 pays for the design and construction of a costume to be worn in a performance ~

$500 pays for a week of dancer rehearsal time ~

$800 pays for the company to participate in a community performance ~

$1500 will support the entire company for one day of rehearsal ~

We thank you so much for your support of BWD!