Current Agency Needs
Grant Halliburton Foundation seeks ongoing support for its mental health and suicide prevention programs focused on children, teens, young adults and adults who live/work with youth.

We lose a teen to suicide at a rate of one per day in Texas and two per week in the DFW area, according to Texas Department of State Health Services. Youth are constantly bombarded with pressures and crises they are ill-equipped emotionally to handle. The result can be stress, relationship problems, anger, anxiety, depression, substance use and other mental health conditions.

High stress is the leading trigger of youth depression, which if left untreated is the number one cause of suicide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states suicide is now the 2nd leading cause of death for American youth ages 10-24.

Like any major public health issue, education is the crucial first step toward stemming the rising tide of youth suicide. The nearly 1 million DFW area students themselves are our most critical audience to target, as they are far more likely to reach out for help or exhibit signs of suicidal thinking to friends than to adults. This is why our Foundation takes its educational programs directly into the schools and community, teaching students how to recognize warning signs of depression and suicide, and how to effectively help a friend in crisis.

Our core programs:
- EDUCATION on mental health and suicide prevention through presentations in schools and the community, as well as three annual conferences on adolescent mental health
- ENCOURAGEMENT for parents of youth with mental health conditions through our free peer support groups
- CONNECTION to information and resources through, our searchable, comprehensive database of North Texas mental health providers
- COLLABORATION through I AM HERE, our coalition of more than 50 mental health professionals and community agencies working together to bridge the gaps in our mental health system