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Why Kids Matter
by Rachel Whitbeck
I began volunteering with Kids Matter International during high school for the Around the Block events. The Around the Block events, which takes place 3 times each November, provides desperately needed clothing and shoes to school age children who live in poverty in the community we live in. These children are referred to Kids Matter by guidance counselors at area schools, domestic violence centers, agencies serving low-income families, and churches.

Ultimately after college, I realized my heart was still calling me to serve those in need and began working for Kids Matter International. I feel deeply that we as a community can make a strong impact and change the lives of these children who are unable to control their circumstances.

Kids Matter International is able to provide $225 in new clothing and shoes for every $100 raised. This upcoming November we will be serving 1,800 children, therefore our fundraising goal is $180,000.

You can make a difference in the life of a child by scheduling your gift starting September 9th, or donating on September 19th! Thank you supporting a cause near and dear to my heart!
Goal: $180,000.00
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by Marti Conner
I'm passionate about helping children in need by providing them with the most basic everyday things --- clothes, shoes, food, etc. Please join me in helping a child during North Texas Giving Day. For every $100 raised, we can provide $225 in NEW clothes and shoes to a child in need right here in the metroplex. Thank you for your generous donation!
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All Kids Matter, and here's why
by Derek Kester
There are numerous worthy organizations here in DFW and around the world that serve the needs of children, so I'm not going to pretend like Kids Matter International is the ONLY one that deserves your donation dollars. If you give to us or to another non-profit, you are intentionally choosing to help make the world a better place, and for that we thank you.

What does make KMI stand out-- and why I personally chose to work for this agency-- is our vision and willingness to recognize that even in what many here in North Texas consider to be "affluent" communities (i.e. Southlake, Grapevine), there is very real lack of basic needs being met. In the Christian scriptures, Jesus Christ is recorded to have made a stark promise: "The poor will always be with you." Millenia after saying this, His words ring true in every city on Earth... and yet the vulnerable, impoverished and oppressed are regularly ignored, pushed to the background and exploited by society at large. For many of us who do live comfortable lives, it isn't convenient to accept the simple truth that the poor are indeed among us, and it is even more uncomfortable to take the time to validate the lease of these who have no voice and who do need help. This is where Kids Matter is breaking down barriers, and by walking alongside the less fortunate in our immediate vicinity our hope is to legitimately impact lives now and in the future.

For example, our Around The Block clothing program (see picture & linked video) provides the basic necessities that so many of us take for granted-- clothing & shoes-- to nearly 2,000 local children each year. Through an invaluable partnership with Kohl's department stores, we are able to stretch every $100 donation to equal $225 worth of apparel for each individual child. And because these kids are being shown in a very real and practical way that they DO matter, our belief is that they and their families are also being given an even greater gift: dignity. Once someone is able to survive, only then can they truly thrive-- and this is one of the most important paths towards breaking the cycles of poverty and shame that plague so many of these innocent little ones.

Please join us in helping make all of these fine words and concepts a reality for the deserving children in our local communities. As all kids matter, so do your compassion and donations!

Thank you,
Derek Kester
Director of Operations
Goal: $180,000.00
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