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P.O. Box 763729
Dallas, TX 75376
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My name is Adam McConnell, I am a former
11B1P (Airborne Infantry) I served with the 82nd Airborne
Division and saw combat in the KOSOVO campaign, I was
injured in a parachute accident. Since then I have for a long
time had many health issues physically and mentally. At a
low point in my life I made contact with F.A.R.M and through
them I was able to get some dirt therapy where I was able to
do work outside and able to see progress in that I watched
things grow. I watched myself grow, I was able to do this
without feeling like I didn't belong like I had for so long. I
finally felt like I was part of a team, a unit again. I started to
work on my social skills by working at the local farmers
market selling the produce I helped grow. I learned more
about food and how to eat better to create a healthier
lifestyle. As for the people I met at the farm such as James,
Orlando, Steve and David they didn't judge me or put limits
on me because of the problems I had. They were just my
friends and they did what friends do, they gave me support
and encouragement, they were my family. They gave me a
new perspective on life both mentally and physically and I
will always appreciate everything they have done for me and
allowing me to find my new mission.
Thank you,
Adam McConnell

I have given up on the VA and felt I was alone to
try and figure out how to heal. I was abusing drugs and alcohol, I was extremely anti-social and had no
long term goals. Now I am enrolled in Tarleton State pursuing a BS in Agribusiness Management, which
is directly related to the exposure to ag-life that I get at the FARM. I am able to focus on living a
healthier lifestyle through my chores on the FARM, more exposure to healthy foods, I do not feel the
need to abuse drugs or alcohol because my mind is focused on the tasks at hand to ensure a successful
internship. I get a sense of pride to again contribute to society instead of being a burden. I enjoy the
companionship and now that I have it in my life I realize just how bad I been missing it. It is a mentally
challenging internship and the need to remember the day to day chores and the book work required is a
great work out for my brain. I have TBI and as such I have to deal with the frustrating bull shit that
comes with it and I am thankful for the mindfulness that this internship forces me to have. Thank you
for all you guys have done for me and I look forward to my family's future and all that I can give back to
my family, my community and this organization.
Jarred Rush, US ARMY

As a veteran of the Marine Corps (active duty 10 years, reserve 4 years), it is my pleasure
to write in support of the exceptional work that Farmers Assisting Returning Military
(FARM) is doing and how it has helped me. I deployed once to Afghanistan and once to
Iraq after the attacks on September 11th. Each deployment changes you to some degree,
some are good changes and others are not. You form a bond like no other with your
comrades, and at the heart of many difficulties that too many of our veterans are facing is
the loss of that unique sense of purpose and camaraderie. Sadly, many veterans felt more
at home in the combat zone with their buddies who understand than they do in the United
States, where most of the population is completely detached from the war(s) and simply
cannot relate.
After getting out of the military, I felt like a fish out of water. I didn't know what
I wanted to do, what held meaning to me now, or who I really was outside of the Marine
Corps. I moved back to my home state of Texas to be closer to my family, but still felt
lost. I sought out different veteran organizations in effort to retain a sense of belonging to
something that dominated my life for over ten years, but nothing was quite the right fit. I
heard about FARM through a friend and decided to check it out. I completed culinary
school after the military and was already interested in healthy, local food sources, so I
was particularly interested in FARM's mission. I instantly felt a sense of comfort and
belonging when I first visited their facility.
FARM has created a supportive atmosphere where veterans and civilians can
gather in celebration, to work alongside each other in the field, or just spend some time
together. The inclusion of civilians is significant, because veterans often have a tendency
to isolate themselves from non-veterans for the reasons stated above. An important part
of reintegration after the military is working with and relating to civilians, FARM
recognizes this and builds it into their programs. One of the programs that has helped me
is the weekly yoga session held at the FARM, taught by a civilian instructor certified in
Yoga Nidra, which has proved successful in treating veterans with PTSD.
I live in an artsy, somewhat "alternative" part of Dallas, which is great - but many
of my friends either don't appreciate or just cannot relate to the military. I only recently
realized that it caused me to downplay my service and even be a little embarrassed by it.
By being involved at the FARM, whether it's helping at a Fourth of July party, pulling
weeds in the field, or just hanging out with fellow veterans, I have come to really
embrace my military service and be proud of it. It has helped me to be a stronger, more
confident person, as well as more effective in my civilian job.
Finally, it is refreshing and encouraging to witness the founders of FARM in
action. Their motives are pure and sincere. They started the FARM to help themselves
after combat military tours, and in recognition of the need to do their part in stopping the
multitude of veteran suicides. They go to great, selfless lengths to help a veteran in need,
to include paying out of pocket and spending sleepless nights to pick up or receive a
veteran that reaches out. I can think of no other organization that is more deserving of
assistance from those that genuinely care about veterans and helping them move forward
in their lives after military service. Our veterans have so much to offer if given the
chance and encouragement.
Thank you for your consideration of this wonderful non-profit organization.
Julie Eastland, USMC