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3001 Knox St. Suite 207
Dallas, TX 75205
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For the 2017-18 school year, CAR served 7 Dallas elementary schools and provided 4,800 hours of professional development to 48 campus teachers. Approximately 276 students each received 100 hours of after school teacher-directed tutoring, totaling over 19,375 hours provided during the school year. 96% of CAR students made academic gains. Of those students:
92% reached basic or advanced grade level reading
68% advanced tiers
56% advanced 1 or more reading grade levels
66% made double digit percentile gains
52% ended the year in Tier 1 Proficiency
Average Reading Level Grade improvement was 1.2 years

Students participating in Catch Up & Read show significantly improved reading levels, increased engagement to read and improved behavior. Teachers form a cohort of campus literacy leaders that share best practices campus-wide, resulting in improved teacher effectiveness, improved morale and job satisfaction, increased leadership opportunities and tenure.
Dallas ISD's 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year recipient received CAR training. Carol Shelton credits CAR with developing the skills that have made her an outstanding teacher! She shares:

"Catch Up & Read continues to be a wonderful gift to me, my students, and our school because it is based on relationships! Small groups allow us to connect with students on a deeper level, which builds trust, creates risk-takers, and promotes academic confidence and growth. Teachers also get the opportunity to grow professionally because of the valuable time we get to spend learning from one another by sharing our best practices for meeting each child's individual needs. Because of these relationships that encourage growth, the impact of Catch Up & Read is felt throughout our entire school campus!" Holly Wallace, the Marcus Elementary Principal, told CAR "I have seen tremendous growth in the students, but more importantly in the teachers involved in this program. Their confidence in teaching and collaboration with other colleagues has been amazing. I am beyond thankful for this program, and looking forward to it getting even stronger."

When we asked teachers what they have seen this Fall 2017 - here are 2 responses that help capture what happens during CAR for both the student and the teacher:

"This is my first year participating of CAR and I am so glad to be part of it! I can specifically talk about one of my students and how it has impacted him. He is a very smart kid who struggles because of his lack of self-confidence. Through the program, he has found his voice and is able to participate without being shy. He is not afraid of making a mistake anymore and accepts help from others. We have created a strong bond and it warms my heart when we cross paths in the hallway and hugs me every time we see each other. He always says how much he likes the program and can't wait for it to be CAR time!"

"I wasn't sure that just a couple hours a week would accomplish much change. But, one student in CAR went up six reading levels while his classroom peers only increased maybe two levels. The CAR program provides invaluable tools and techniques that not only benefited the students who attended, but helped improve my teaching, to benefit all of my students."