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For most countries confronting the global child welfare crisis, the lack of technology to organize information has been a major stumbling block to family preservation, reunification and child-focused permanency planning. With Children First software, foreign government ministries can build individualized plans to provide each child with a family capable of caring for and loving them.

We envision a world in which every child grows up in a family. We have a plan to achieve this vision:

Through our Harvard symposium in 2014, The Global Working Group was formed, consisting of 25 countries and their child welfare officials, all committed to solving this crisis. The Global Working Group is successful because it brings diverse change-makers from around the globe together to achieve a common goal: ensuring every child grows up in a loving family. Both Ends Believing and the Global Working Group prioritize effective communication and results-focused work, which continues to allow us to translate success in one country to success in another.

We will continue to establish an active dialogue and connection between member countries. We will provide ongoing support and measurement of Children First software results for each country implementing the software. We provide state of the art software free of charge, that will ultimately improve child welfare systems.

Through The Global Working Group and our partnership with Tyler Technologies, we have deployed the Children First software platform as a foundation upon which the world can begin to confront the global child welfare crisis. If every vulnerable child were to be registered in Children First:

We would have accurate census data on each country's vulnerable children, allowing for more accurate aid efforts both nationally and internationally. Each country could begin individualized planning processes for each child in order to provide every child a family with the capabilities to love and care for them. Global child trafficking would be reduced as orphans and vulnerable children would be identified, profiled and diligently monitored until united with a family.

Our ambition is: to serve every child's human right, and basic human need, to grow up in a loving family.