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2201 Main Street Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75201
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Audubon education centers in North Texas serve more than 100,000 people each year and connect more than 25,000 school children from under-served areas of our urban communities with nature. Audubon Texas has been managing coastal barrier islands in Texas since 1923, and is also committed to our disappearing grasslands and keeping ranchers on the land. Our success is based on a foundation of science and education and our approach to conservation has achieved significant results.

North Texas Audubon Centers
Education is the primary focus for Dogwood Canyon and Trinity River Audubon Centers. Both centers provide hands-on science education to students from North Texas schools, often introducing many of our urban kids to nature for the very first time. Research continues to show that connecting to the outdoors is vital for development and well-being. Audubon provides opportunities to engage our youth through a variety of programs including bird watching, Scouts, overnight camps, TEKS-aligned science education, kayaking, guided hikes, animal encounters, and week-long immersive leadership experiences.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center
Centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the center sits on the white rock escarpment at the mouth of Dogwood Canyon where plants and animals of east, west and central Texas converge. Nowhere else can one find the Black-chinned Hummingbird of west Texas nesting in the flowering dogwood tree of east Texas. Dogwood Canyon provides free admission, hiking trails, bird viewing areas, family nature play area, picnic tables, meeting space and nature store.

Trinity River Audubon Center
Located just ten miles south of downtown Dallas,Trinity River is part of the Great Trinity Forest, the largest urban bottomland hardwood forest in the United States. This forest supports a diverse community of plant and animal species and contains a unique mixture of hardwoods, wetlands and grasslands. A former illegal dump site, the center is now a reclaimed haven for a vast array of birds and other wildlife in an increasingly urbanized metropolitan area. Trinity River provides hiking trails, bird viewing areas, boardwalks, wetlands, picnic tables, education exhibits, meeting and event space and nature store.

Your support helps us provide low-cost education programs and conservation of our lands. Thank you for your gift.
- "The experience at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center was priceless for my students. The opportunity to reinforce taught concepts with real-world, hands-on opportunities has definitely increased our student progress in Math and Science." Rodney White, Principal at Young Men's Leadership Academy in Fort Worth
- "We had a great time and our guide did an awesome job connecting with my students. She was VERY knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the information she was sharing. She did a super job." Teacher who brought students to the Trinity River Audubon Center for an Eco Investigation program
- "Any time we talked about birds and their impact on the environment, they [students] were processing that information. They learn this in school, but making the emotional connection with the topic - they don't make that until they are out there." Audubon staff educator
$10,000.00 provided by Smith Group Asset Management
The Smith Group supports Audubon Texas and the North Texas Audubon Centers and our mission of protecting birds and the places they live. Vision: "With a team of highly skilled professionals sharing similar values and complementary skills, Smith Group focuses on making investment decisions where we have established expertise, while minimizing the impact where we do not. We are passionate in our commitment to continuous improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of our investment decisions and in the delivery of client service. Alignment with the firm and our clients is paramount and accomplished via broad-based employee ownership."